Happy New Year! It's gonna be a big one.

I will survive. I guess.


So, 2019.

We, uh, really did that. Barely. I truly hope each and every one of you are ok. Feeling depressed, anxious and swirling the toilet bowl of existential dread are all really normal responses to whatever the hell this living thing is in 2020. We’ll survive this, too, but we’re going to be smarter about it. We’re going to withdraw any and all hope that those in power will ever do the right thing. If they do, great! But they’re likely going to continue to drop the mothereffing ball into this gravity-free black hole, so we’re going to conjure every last drop of faith we can scrounge up and put it solidly in each other. We’re going to believe in each other and we’re going to do one better, we’re going to fight for each other.

Putting ourselves in service of others has so much to teach us about who we really are. Take a stand on something, or many things, if you haven’t found your way into community building and sustainment. Speak out about injustice. Fear of ruffling feathers won’t change the world. It won’t heal the planet or ourselves.

From a recent post I made: In 2020, I wish you a renewed sense of faith in yourself, one that accepts where you are at right now––not “you” in the past, or future––even if you seek to change. I hope your personal goals will extend to the betterment of humankind. So much of what deems us "worthy" has nothing to do with our kindness or what we give. Being well-liked isn’t the same thing as being a good person.

Alright, I’ll stop preaching. Here are our current group hike dates:

January 26 – DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX – group hike
February 1 – PORTLAND, OR – Accessible hike
February 8 – PORTLAND, OR – snow shoe group hike AT CAPACITY
February 29 – TUCSON, AZ – group hike
March 7th (or 8th) – NEW ORLEANS, LA – group hike
March 28 – OREGON – TBA
March 29 – OREGON – TBA

Oregon event invitations go up within 3-4 weeks of event date.

National event invitations go up within 4-6 weeks of event date.

Here’s where you’ll find us in 2020:

North Carolina - Tucson, AZ - Bay Area, CA - Atlanta, GA - New Orleans, LA - D.C. - Michigan - Las Vegas, NV - Seattle, WA - Vancouver, B.C. - Salt Lake City, UT - Philadelphia, PA - Ohio - Minneapolis, MN - Denver, CO - Vermont - New York - Austin, TX - Dallas, TX - Florida - Alaska - Chicago, IL - Oklahoma - Missoula, MT - Boston, MA - maybe an international location or two...

I have many more announcements for 2020! We’ll start at least 6 UH chapters, do different activities (kayaking, backpacking, beach gatherings, etc.), there will be an Accessible hikes tour and even more Pacific Northwest hikes not just in Portland ;-)

If you’d like to support these ventures that currently have no sponsorship, join my Patreon! I’ll be doing a little breakdown about these plans on their within the next week.

Take care! Take a bath! Take your dog for a walk! Take a chill pill! Take a big old break and then get back to work. I hope we get to hike together in 2020 xoxo

Here’s a photo from our recent Los Angeles group hike and trash clean-up. More of this in 2020, please:

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