Community + Connection

Want to hang out? We're in this together, let's make it work for us.

Hello Unlikely Hikers and friends,

Connection, community, truth telling and stories-as-therapy feel more important than ever. I want to keep fostering the things so many of us depend on with Unlikely Hikers even if we can’t get outside together.

Your presence is kindly requested at these two virtual events this week <3

Tuesday, March 31 – 5pm(pst) – Unlikely Hikers LIVE Podcast w/ guest Tasheon Chillous. RSVP required! I’ve always wanted to start an Unlikely Hikers podcast and I’ve suddenly found myself with more time than is good for me. I have no experience, so why not just throw myself into this and do it live? It will be imperfect. It will be beautifully human. Our first guest is Tasheon Chillous (she/her). She is a plus-size certified Personal Trainer and coach who believes movement should be adaptable, fun, and accessible. She practices from a HAES-informed perspective (health at every size), not in the business promoting diet culture. Her main goal is helping you find movement that makes you feel good in YOUR body. ⁣⁣

Wednesday, April 1 – 5pm(pst) – Instagram LIVE: Unlikely Hikers Short Film Event. All you need is the device you like to use with your instagram account. Chat with us as we view! We’ll be showing 5 short films featuring Faith E. Briggs, The Venture Out Project, Will “Akuna” Robinson and others.

Will we be doing this again?

YES! I intend to do these virtual events every week through April and May, same days, same times. If you’d like immediate notification of event announcements you can follow my blog at Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address where it says receive e-mail notification of each new post. If you miss any of these events, they will be saved and posted for you to enjoy at your leisure. More info on that coming soon!

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